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4247 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55409

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The NTU PRINCIPLES (Phillips 1990): Harmony, Balance, Interconnectedness, Authenticity, Affective Epistemology, Awareness of Culture, can also be shown to have a place on Matrix. Harmony is required in maintaining true alignment with our true selves, our higher purpose, and the attending responsibilities of being self-actualizing human beings. When we stray from our purpose and our responsibilities, i.e. when our lives are not in harmonious relationship to the dimensions of the Ascendency Matrix, disharmony is created, and dysfunction results. Dysfunction creates pain and suffering, whether of the physical variety, psychic and emotional pain, or the breakdown of societal values and norms resulting in criminality, amorality, and social chaos. "Pain" is a message and should be listened to. Pain is nature's way of telling us when we are off course. Pleasure and tranquility are nature’s ways of rewarding us for doing what is right. When we are on course, when our actions reflect a harmonious relationship to our metaphysical responsibilities, universal peace and harmony, or heaven on earth, will be the inevitable result.


4247 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55409


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